Conceptual Projects 


Dystopian metaverse escape room experience.
Endless digital copies of self, blurred thruths, manipualtion and propaganda, detachment from reality, constant surveillance and an algorithm that seems to know more about you than you do. Escaping this room is a return to reality


AI made me cry

Gen Z voices struggling with complex emotions in today's digital landscape.
The showcase includes a collection of deeply personal artefacts - handwritten letters, diary entries and journal fragments - each narrating unique stories, reflections and emotions related to digital anxiety and AI's influence.


Analog Gardens

In an age of digital overload, this sensory immersion space invites contemplation.
It explores The Analog and raises questions about AI's impact on well-being. Through tactile stations, aromatherapy, and more, it guides visitors toward restoring connection with self. Technology free, it's a sanctuary to counterbalance the digital age's impact on mental health.


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Disclaimer: The projects presented here are conceptual. Those are original ideas that for now exist only in the realm of imagination. While they represent my curatorial vision and creative potential, they are not yet realised in the physical world.
I hope to inspire with these concepts and they may become reality in the future.

The images on this page have been co-created with DALL-E, an AI model.