METALOST: Escaping the Metaverse

In METALOST, participants enter an escape room set in a dystopian metaverse, that immerses them in a world of ethical and social dilemmas. As they navigate this complex landscape, they have to find their way back to reality. 

Through the artistic expression of technocriticism, METALOST conveys the darker facets of technology. As a platform for critical thinking and awareness-raising, it offers participants the opportunity to consider the ethical and social implications of AI and Metaverse in an immersive escape room environment.

It has an important educational role in preparing people for the future and contributing to a better understanding of the technological controversies, regulatory issues and ethical debates associated with the metaverse.

escape room elements:

Quests covering a spectrum of topics:
data breaches and privacy invasions revealing the extent of one's own digital exposure;
surveillance within the space highlighting the loss of personal freedom in a hyper-connected world;
AI manipulation and misinformation, blurring AI-generated and authentic information, shaping perceptions and realities;
struggle for personal autonomy and authenticity;
detachment from reality.

Discussions in a grounded safe space to reflect on ethical dilemmas and real world implications.