Visions and themes

In my work, I want to give voice and space to those who feel lost in the duality of excitement and fear about the digitalisation and AI development.

With a Master's degree in Business Ethics and years of research experience in projects with social and ethical components, I decided to focus on curating projects that raise awareness of emerging concerns around AI and offer emotional and mental support to navigate the digital turbulence through a return to analogue experiences.

topics I'm exploring:

AI-Induced Power Asymmetries:
Unravelling the shifting power dynamics brought about by AI.

Analog experiences: 
Exploring the non-digital side of life through scents, embodied cognition, and other analog experiences as remedies for digital anxiety.

Digitalisation as Collective Trauma:
Examining the collective trauma stemming from AI's disruptive influence, encompassing issues like job displacement, loss of privacy, information manipulation, social isolation, loss of control, dehumanization, inequality, and bias, loss of meaning, and more. 

Ethical and environmental concerns:
Focusing on the environmental and ethical consequences of technological development, from AI infrastructures’ energy consumption and carbon footprint to the ethical dillemas tied to autonomous decision-making systems and biased algorithms.

(De)mystifying AI:
Separating fact from fiction in the realm of AI, distinguishing conspiracy theories from genuine risks.